Friday, February 10, 2006

knitting frustrations

Wow, I have been a rather truant blogger as of late...

this week i finally made it back to the tuesday night knitting at the forth pub, and this time i took along a new recriut. my friend elizabeth, from tenessee, learned to knit over the holidays, and is well on her way to becoming as big a yarn addict as the rest of us - just wait till she makes that jump from scarves to socks! she'll be hooked in no time! (although I may just recommend knitty's fuzzy feet pattern to her - felting is a great way to hide beginners' mistakes).

My knitting, on the other hand, has been a little disastrous of late... Im trying to take a few hours each evening to sit and listen to the radio or an audiobook while i knit, as a way to relax at the end of the day... but apparently, my hands aren't getting the message, cause everything I've knit recently has come out way too small! my gauge swatches seem okay when I make them, but by the time im into the knitting of the project, my tension seems to go way off cause my projects end up too small. but then again, maybe i just have to relearn what 14 inches looks like when stretched out across someone's back! So this week i have finished and ripped yet another project. And although I am now a few inches into a larger size (adjustments made by me, not the pattern-maker, so i hereby absolve her of any of my forthcoming stupid mistakes... more details when i finish a wearable size!)

But at least this weekend i will have lots of time to knit - I am going on a coach tour of the scottish highlands, from 8am to 8:30pm on Saturday. we are leaving for Edinburgh this afternoon, will spend 2 nights there, and then return on Sunday after (hopefully) a yummy scottish brunch... do they do brunch in scotland?

i promise to take lots of photos and to post them next week! Mike is also (hint, hint) going to try and set up a server of some sort so that I can post ALL my photos, instead of just a select few. But we'll see if that works out (im guessing the olympics might be distracting some of his attention for the next 2 weeks! alas, if only i had a tv, i could've participated in the knitting olympics too... but then again, I woulda been torn about which team to join - Canada, or England? knowing me, i probably would've blabbed some team secrets, and then been thrown out for cheating... so maybe its better I just cheer from the sidelines!)

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