Wednesday, March 08, 2006

is it over yet?

Its March, im in school, and so it only makes sense that I should be swamped in work right now. Which is the only explanation i can give for my lack of blogging. what a horrid excuse! Oh well... only a few more weeks till break...

On sunday i went to Purlpower's blogiversary Knitting Tea Party. Go take a look at the photos on her site, and look at how BIG my nose is! :) I blame the angle of my head in the pics - my nose really doesn't look that large when you see it at a normal angle on my face - ask anyone i know!

One of the secret gift projects that i mentioned a few posts ago is the little navy tea cup on Purlpower's blog. Another one is this Odessa hat that I made for Mike:

Oh wait... that's a bad photo... sorry, its late. let me try again...

that's better - except that romaine didn't like posing for a photo where he was entirely hidden by the hat. maybe next time he'll get his face on the blog! I guess this should be an 'Odesso' hat cause its for a guy... and no beads to make it girly either.

The only other bit of knitting to show you is this, my soon to be Jemima sweater:

so loving the colour, so not loving the straight needles - ive been using dpns and circs so much recently that the straight needles are killing my wrists! Or maybe its just all the typing im doing.... how about i give up the typing and spend all my time knitting instead?

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Impressionist said...

that is such a cool hat!
my wrists ache when I use straight needles too... i's like when you write a letter after having used a computer for so many years- all of a sudden your muscles don't work anymore!
maybe we need to do workouts with big heavy straight needles.