Monday, March 20, 2006

these gloves weren't meant for this!

normally when im working at home its toasty hot in my room cause my desk is very purposefully placed right next to the radiator... but today im sick, sick, sick! so even with 2 aspirins, a sweater, a fleece, and a scarf its still really cold in here! which is why the gloves have come out of hiding for the evening...

but at least the writing part of my brain is working fine today - i think that the fever actually helps subdue the voices in my head that criticize my work as i type, so that all the words stay on the page, instead of being removed 2 minutes after i type them. Maybe there's something in this sickness thing, after all! :)

PS: Im really not that sick... just a case of man flu, I think - I hear its quite common in the UK!

(edited to add: before anyone back home starts thinking horrible things about mike, check out this cached wikipedia article on Man Flu. And technically, mine's more of a man
cold rather than a flu!)

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