Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Only 23 more sleeps!

Well, its official. I get to go home on the 18th of May - tickets purchased and everything (only 79 pounds too, what a steal!). so now all i have to do is run around like a mad person tying up 1001 loose ends here, while still trying to write about 20,000 words about my research... oh the fun of arts degrees! (but i get to be in ottawa till january, so im not complaining!)

meanwhile, panpan is still being knit... the placket neck sweater pattern has been altered so many times that it hardly seems like the same sweater anymore. but when its done it will (i hope!), so far be it from me to take credit for the final pattern. I've finished the intarsia part, but just look at all the ends I get to weave in when im done!

I keep reading about all the other fun projects that people have finished, and it makes me want to finish more projects and keep a list of all the things i've finished since January... but so far that's a sum total of one project, so i guess it would look silly for me to keep such a list. Maybe when i'm back in ottawa i will be more productive.

meanwhile, im still sniffly and sneezy. stupid boots drugs don't work. and what's with the blister-pack packaging that every single pill in England seems to be packaged in anyway? talk about waste of plastic! excuse my momentary rant, but hasn't anyone here realised that in such a little tiny country, packaging waste should be reduced, not increased? half your country is going to have to be used as a landfill site just to house it all! I mean, do apples at Marks & Spencer really need to be packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrap? but I'll stop ranting now. my real complaint with pills in blister-packs is that every time i pop a pill out, it breaks into about 3 pieces and lots of little crumbs... yet the back of the box specifically says to take the pills whole. could that be why they're not working?

but back i go to knitting. I wanted to knit tonight but didn't fancy going out to the Forth, cause i've noticed that being around smoke just makes my sniffles worse - but i'm going to try and get out to gosforth on thursday, panpan in tow (hopefully at the stitching up stage by then). Maybe the curry scent might actually help to clear my stuffy nose! :)

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