Wednesday, June 21, 2006

knit, pack, type, pack, eat, pack...

not much knitting going on these days, cause we're moving in just over a week, and I don't want to buy more yarn till after the move (its just one less thing to pack). so instead of knitting, here's some fun photos to look at. :)

Here are some beer-can chickens that we cooked at Mike's parents a few weeks ago. this time we went all fancy - Sleeman's Honey-Brown beer for flavouring, and proper stands to keep the chickens upright!
One of the perks of moving will be our own backyard, for which we bought a $20 BBQ at the Great Glebe Garage sale - so we'll be able to make these chickens at home for once! I saw a recipe using a can of Coke that I want to try out - see if the type of liquid in the can really does make a difference to the flavour of the bird!

This summer Mike and I have joined the local tennis club - its another step closer to the rich country/yacht clubber lifestyle that I want to end up in! :) (next on the list is the posh faux-british accent! - I'll need a little more time in Newcastle to secure that one, I think). On monday, we were taking our lesson in the stifling hot sun and mugginess, when all of a sudden the clouds started rolling in. five minutes before the lesson ended, the drops started falling, so we all ran for the clubhouse - five minutes later, this is what the court looked like:

here's another view:

the blur above the net is the rain pouring off the roof from the broken eaves trough... the other blurs are from the gusts of wind that was blowing the rain around in sheets! lots of thunder and lightning passed over (i hid behind mike so i didn't have to see the lightning strikes - i hate lightning strikes!) and after about 25 minutes, we took advantage of the lightening rain, and dashed home through the puddles. then we saw a rainbow!

anyone have any good tips for catching leprechauns? :)

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