Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How not to make Xmas cards

Two years ago I mistakenly decided to make Xmas cards by knitting up the little stockings from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and attaching them to cards...

okay, yes, the recipients loved them, but knitting 25 little stockings in the space of a few days is not as fun as you think! I keep this photo around as a reminder that creativity must be reined in by reality - especially when limitations such as Canada Post are involved! :)

case in point, by the way, is that darn blanket, which still needs a few rows of running stitch embroidered into it before its finished. more photos tomorrow, when its finally done!


Elizabeth said...

I'd love to get the pattern for the cute Christmas stockings! They would make great ornaments. Would that be hard to make? They're so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Hey G! I just tried to make my first stocking and there is a hole in the stocking where the heel is. I think I messed up the instep? How do you knit it so there's not a hole?
Your helplessly challenged knitting friend,