Sunday, October 22, 2006

been away too long..

wow, feels like ages since I've posted... so here's a nice long one to make up for it.

last week I suddenly realized that I'd run out of renewals on my Toronto library books... so off i ran to Toronto so that my books could spend their necessary 1-night sojourn on the UofT shelves, and I could spend a night at Chez Tiffania (and Jeff!). Since I was only there for one night, I couldn't possibly spend all of my time doing real work - so instead, we went and did some very important yarn shopping!

first we went to Lettuce Knits - such a cute little shop, with a great selection of yarns. but most of them were the big name variety, and therefore very expensive. but great for drooling over all the same, right?

after resisting the temptation to waste all of our tuition fees money on yarn, we took a short hike off to Romni Wools, probably the best yarn store I've ever seen! If you ever go to Toronto, you HAVE to go there! go in the front door, then hang the first right toward the wall of knitting books and magazines; go down the stairs, and then around the corner to the left... its an entire ROOM full of sale yarns!

we spent about half an hour browsing and contemplating the options, and then we decided to go upstairs to see some other options. Yarn overload and then some! if you're a student, flash your student card, and all non-sale items are 10% off. how can you not like this place?!!

so what did I end up buying, you ask? let me just show you....

this one is from Lettuce Knits... lorna's laces in the Pioneer colorway

this is 100% alpaca - its soooo soft!

even a yarn snob like myself can be tempted to stray sometimes.
this yarn is so soft and silky, I just couldn't resist!

these next two I picked up last week at my Ottawa LYS....
a little wool...

...a little cotton

yay knitting funness that is about to begin!

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Knitted Cupcakes (Secret Pal) said...

Ohhh, so much fun! I have some of that Drops Alpaca - it is the softest yarn in the world. I can't wait to see what you make from it - have you checked out their patterns? They have loads of free ones.