Monday, October 16, 2006

Wherein Glenda is reminded why Michael is not allowed to do laundry without supervision

This past week, winter reared its ugly head and dropped 2 feet of snow on parts of Ontario and New York State... we didn't get the snow, but we are certainly getting the colder weather, which means only one thing: time to winterize our life before we too, become walking snowmen.

First on the list were the storm windows - off went the screens and up went the glass panels that will form the second layer of window in our pseudo double-pane windows. This is a very odd ritual for me, seeing as Vancouver has no need for storm windows, and in every other place I've lived in Ottawa, the landlord or super has put up the windows. But no big deal, its done and already the house feels warmer.

Next on the list was the wardrobe exchange - all the winter sweaters come out of the storage bin, and all the shorts, capris, and summer tops go back in. In the meantime, we also did a bit of laundry, so those clothes could be re-organized as necessary also.

let me show you some of those clothes:
this is my fairly new, worn only 4 times sweater. does it look a little odd to you? perhaps the skinny arms are a clue? or the fact that the body of the sweater fits on a throw pillow with room to spare?!! Apparently, Michael has texture blindness, because he failed to notice this sweater as he was (clearly) dumping all the clothes into the washer... Some of us actually look at the clothes as we put them in, but I guess Mike forgot that part! grrr... anyway, I'm not allowed to bug him about it anymore because he did buy me a replacement. And he's definitely off laundry duty for a while! (ps: in case you're wondering, I had no idea the sweater was in the laundry basket... and I take it for granted that everyone knows not to wash a wool sweater in the machine, especially ours, which has no temperature control and therefore washes everything in hot!).

I'm thinking I might re-felt this sweater (on purpose this time) to make it a little more evenly shrunken, and then I'll make it into a purse of some sort. Although I did notice that if I cut the arms off short, it would probably fit Owen pretty well... the darts around the bust just make it a funny shape for a boy is all... Anyone got any suggestions for recycling my poor sweater?

the last thing we need to do is go get winter tires for our new new-to-us car (long story short, we had to return the first used VW Golf that we bought because it developed major engine damage from the time that we had it inspected and agreed to buy it and the time that we actually took possession. We now have a newer used Golf that's in much better condition. and its blue! :) ). Winter tires are one of those things that no one thinks about till the snow is already on the ground... but I've already been in one rolled-over car due to a lack of winter tires (we were all safe, but Kieron's poor (8 month old!) car was in bad shape) so we're making sure that doesn't happen again this year!

soo many other fun crafty things to blog about, but I'll have to leave those till tomorrow... nothing like a little suspense to keep you all interested! :)

edited to add: I was 'reminded' about Mike's laundry issues, because this is not the first time his poor observation skills have struck... earlier this summer, he put my favourite LBD (a halter one that I got for 15 pounds from H&M) in the dryer of all places... its jersey knit fabric makes it (occasionally) washing machine friendly, sure but not dryer friendly!! but he got off easy on that one, cause the dress took only very slight colouration damage which wasn't really noticeable except to me.


Victoria said...

Hi Glenda

Be thankful he does the wash. I never had a guy who did all the wash.
From the Old Reaper.

Polly said...

I'm convinced my husband screws up the laundry (and other chores) just so he wont have to do them anymore. /hostessnic


I think a bag is probably the best use for it. And yes, it is a tactic old as time itself for men to mess up tasks in order to get out of them next time. Be on your guard ladies.

My personal solution to Kenny's laundry blindness is to keep any handwash or white items in a separate basket..... OK, OK, I know I'm neurotic already thanks very much.

Tippy said...

Remember that white sweater you gave me a few months ago? It recently came to the same fate at the hands of Jeff. *sigh*