Thursday, December 21, 2006

frozen faces

In Ottawa, especially in December, it is not uncommon to come home with a frozen face - your cheeks feel cold and stiff, and its difficult to speak. Today's frozen face, however, is not due to the balmy +1 temperatures outside, but rather to a brief visit to the dentist this morning. If you were lucky enough to be here right now, you would be laughing very hard right now, watching me try to eat soup with only half a working mouth! :)

The lovely beaded snowflake ornaments that are decorating today's post were sent to me by my Secret Pal, as part of the last package. Silly me just forgot to mention them before... (I hung them on our tree right away, so when I went to photograph the package contents, I forgot about them)
Aren't they pretty? I especially like the way the blue translucent beads on this last one one catch the sunlight in the mornings!

I'm still knitting furiously away on the sock... did you ever notice how projects that have deadlines seem to take way longer than other projects? but maybe its just that I'm more aware of the ticking clock at the moment... as I recall, I knit the first part of the first sock while on the train from Toronto back to Ottawa - that's a 41/2 hour trip, and I know I haven't spent that long on this sock yet... ugh. guess its back to knitting for me! (I'm beginning to see where second sock syndrome comes from... I think I'm going to have to teach myself to knit two socks at once!)

In other news, I got a fun Christmas card from Ysolda!
Isn't it fun?! I'm hoping my card reaches her soon too - my cards were a little delayed by recent events, so I think I missed the international mailing dates. Good thing the Christmas spirit lasts longer than just the one day!

but now I need to stop procrastinating and get on with the housekeeping today... Kieron's mom is coming to stay for Xmas, and I need to vacuum the crumbs out of the couch so Kieron can sleep on it for the next week! :)

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