Sunday, February 18, 2007

Knitting Retreat

Thanks to Lucy's great planning skills, we were able to spend this weekend at a very fun cottage up in Beadnell, knitting, eating, and playing on the beach! After Friday's grey skies and rainy weather, we were all a little concerned that the weekend would bring more of the same. So weren't we pleased when Saturday dawned sunny and warm!
Hannah and Becca went out for an early walk, but Helen and I waited till after breakfast - we walked down to the rocky beach to go look at the rock pools with Frobisher.
After lunch, we all went for a walk to the sandy beach, which was hidden behind the sand dunes. At one end of the beach is Beadnell Harbour...
and at the other end, a very long walk toward Dunstanburgh Castle
from the beach, you can just see it in the distance - its sitting on the last point to the left
While Frobisher just wanted to sit and play in the sand,
we made him walk with us instead...
even if it did mean we had to carry him!
then Jen decided she wanted to put her feet in the water - the look on her face is just priceless! Jen, this is the North Sea, don't forget!
As Jen was putting her shoes back on, we realised that the tide was coming in much faster than we'd thought. Rather than risk getting our feet wet on the walk back, we scrambled out over the sand dunes instead.
From there, we had to walk past the caravan park. Frobisher thinks it might be fun to stay there next time...

Amidst all the walking, we did actually get some knitting done...Frobisher watched, and indulged in some of the snacks...
after playing with Emily's spinning wheel, of course!

On the way home today, Hannah, Lucy and I stopped in Craston for a closer look at Dunstanburgh Castle. Start in the Harbour,
stop for a photo,
walk past the sheep (what's a knitting weekend without sheep?!)
and keep going till you reach the castle.
This was such a great weekend - Lucy, thanks again for the great idea, and for finding and booking the cottage for us! We really need to do this again sometime!

oh, I almost forgot... my lilies bloomed over the weekend!

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Tippy said...

Sand and yarn don't usually mix well, but it looks like the perfect combination to me!