Thursday, March 15, 2007


The USB cord for my camera has finally arrived, so its time to jump back in time a few weeks and look at the photos from the weekend of our Engagement Party! (Tiff, I'll email these to you ASAP).

So here goes...

First there was the skating on Saturday, after brunch. The day was considerably warmer than it looks in these photos - so much so that the ice was a touch mushy in places, which made skating a little difficult. But you can't complain too much - for a while this winter, we weren't sure if the canal would ever be open!

Here are Tiffany and Jeff getting ready in one of the chalets...

and then out on the ice...Tiff started out wearing her coat, but soon decided that it was too cold to keep it on.

You can see her in this one putting the coat into Jeff's pack... Aaron and Kelly are on the left - they're much more fit than we are, so they spent most of their time way up ahead of us.

even the snow flurries didn't convince Tiff to put the coat back on! :)

The skate-able part of the Rideau Canal, for those who don't know, is about 7km long... one end is next to Carleton University, at a set of Locks, and the other end is downtown, right before another set of locks. From the downtown end, you can see Parliament Hill...

The best part of skating, of course, is the Beavertail that you get to eat before you take your skates off. There are about 4 Beavertail stands down the length of the canal, so no matter where you decide to leave, you can always have a Beavertail!

Saturday night was the party, held in a fun pub called the Lieutenant's Pump. Here are a few highlights of the evening...
Me and Peggy, Mike's Grandmother

Me and Ryan

Some of the Soccer Crowd (l-r: Kim, Jeremy, Tara, Julie, and Ryan)

Julie and Mike

and finally, Carine, another friend from the soccer crowd, the only ones who stayed to close the bar with us! :)

Here's the last photo... a very odd one of us eating late Sunday afternoon munchies, timed so that Tiff and Jeff would be able to make it home to Toronto without having to resort to eating a dinner made up of food bought from the evil train trolley service!
What a fun weekend that was - its hard to believe that it was less than 2 weeks ago!

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