Monday, May 14, 2007


a glass of milk and a couple of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies (thanks for the recipe Martha!) The perfect pick-me up after a dull morning spent reading about dead guys, followed by a little cat nap outside in the sun.

What's that you say? You see a Sens ticket there too? Sorry, that one is from two weeks ago... Tonight's tickets are downstairs by the door, waiting patiently with Mike's hockey Jersey. (Wednesday's tickets are in the bedroom... we're going to that game too. If the Sens win tonight, Mike says we have to bring brooms on Wednesday, cause it will help us to sweep the series. Oh, such a bad pun...)

For my English and/or non-hockey fan friends: The Ottawa Senators are now in the Eastern Conference finals against the Buffalo Sabres, from Buffalo, NY. We're up 2 games to none, in a best of 7 series. The winner of this series gets to play in the Stanley Cup final against the Western Conference champions - who will be either the Detroit Red Wings or the Anaheim Ducks (aka the Mighty Ducks... the team used to be owned by Disney and was named after that stupid movie with Emilio Estevez.) It would be bad if they took the cup, so cheer for Detroit to win the Western Conference! :)

ETA: THE SENS WON!! such a hard-fought game too - the score was a very low 1-0. There was definitely lots of chanting of "Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!" on the way out of the stadium... I even saw one group of Buffalo fans being 'swept' out of the building by Sens fans who were using their red pom-poms (given out free at the game) to speed along their exit.

Hmmm. I just realised how very Canadian that little scene was... First off, in a drastic difference from European football matches, at NHL games fans of the opposing teams are allowed to sit intermingled among the home team fans; I have never known this to cause much more damage than a loud shouting match. Second, the action of bending over to sweep the path for the Buffalo fans was, I think, very reminiscent of a pair of sweepers in a game of Curling, that truly Canadian winter sport! (yes, Curling is also played elsewhere in the world - and was even said to be invented in Scotland - but it does tend to be one of those sports which separate us from our American counterparts).

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