Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cherries and Logs

This morning I was playing with my Stat counter, looking at all the search words people use to find my blog. It seems that several of you seem to find me by way of a search for Anna Bell's cherry pattern... so what happened to that cardigan you ask? Only one photo of the back and then nothing? Well, this is what happened:
after sitting in the stash basket for over a year, the back got frogged and became two fronts. or parts of two fronts anyway... I never did finish the back piece, and since I couldn't figure out exactly what row I'd stopped at, and because I wasn't sure if my gauge would still be the same, I decided it was best to frog the whole thing and start again - but with the fronts this time, so as to delay that deja-vu feeling you get when re-knitting a frogged item.
Re-knitting these fronts made me remember why the back sat in the corner for so long - this Jo Sharp, summer soho yarn is evil! Its cotton, and the plies are only loosely spun. Which means that the darn stuff splits really easily... especially when I mess up and have to pick back a few stitches... grrr!

good thing I have other projects on the go. Like socks that are only stitches away from the naughty corner (grumble grumble), and the on-going log cabin baby blanket:
Since abandoning the random number generator version that I started with, this blanket has become much more interesting to knit... for each stripe I get to re-evaluate the width and the placement - which, I think, gives me much more creative power. I've still got loads of garter stitch to get through before this is finished, but at least that makes this a good tv-watching knit.

k, now I need to run off and eat one of those muffins that Glitrgirl just made!

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Anonymous said...

The design of the blanket belongs in a frame and hung in a gallery. That is true