Thursday, August 30, 2007

a very big PS

so big, that it warrants its own post...

why didn't you all warn me about how COLD it is in Newcastle!?! I've been freezing since I arrived in London, except for the few hours that I sat in the train carriage with the broken air conditioning.

Going from 34 degrees one day, to 18 (and colder now that it's night, I imagine) the next day, is very hard on the system... tomorrow, I'm going to go buy a hot water bottle!!

I think you should all come with me to Canada for the summer next year! :)


glittrgirl said...

Cold?? This is the warmest its been all summer! It's been CRAP here. Welcome back :D

Emily said...

Yeah we've had a crap summer over here, but welcome back to our chilly climes my dear.