Sunday, September 23, 2007

lazy days and Sundays

Took my mom to the Edinburgh Airport today (driving for 5 hours before noon is not a good idea) which means that it is officially time for me to Get Back to Work (capitalized so it sound it more like the command it really should be!). But first, a little diversion in the form of some pictures from Ireland! :)

So here they are, in no particular order:**

The view from Belfast Castle

one of the butterflies that filled the gardens at the castle

Graves at the much-overgrown Milltown Cemetery in Belfast

John Davy and my mother - these two were neighbours about 50-odd years ago

The Giant's Causeway from above

Frobisher trying to swim to Canada

Frobisher tied up so he can't swim to Canada

ETA: Thanks Hannah, for telling me how to put these next few photos up!

Spades at the Patterson Spade Mill in Templepatrick.
Patterson's Spades

Shed with spades

The Carrick-a-Reed Rope Bridge
Carrick-a-Reed Bridge

sitting in a warm pub and looking at the rain outside
view from the nook

Westport Quay
Westport Quay

** Any attempt at putting these in order is currently being hindered by the crazy-painful toe cramp that is now afflicting my left foot. Not sure if its being caused by a lack of sodium or iron, but either way, it hurts! it hurts! it hurts! :(


The Knit Nurse said...

John Davy has the look of a real Irish stereotype.

For Flickr photos I do the following: have a photo displayed large in Flickr, click on all sizes, click on small, underneath this photo is a block of text saying above 'Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage', do that and the photo will be display and also when you click on it it will take you to the flickr page. You can change the link by editing or removing the tags.

Good luck!

P said...

sorry I don't have any advice about putting the photos on. But I had to say those that are there look brilliant.

I'm now looking into Irish cottages for a holiday next year. thank you

(ps been lurking for a while and just wanted to say hi)

Anonymous said...

Ireland is beautiful but I hope that Frobisher's experience in Ireland was not too frightening. He probably was not comfortable as there are not any bears in Ireland. He should have made friends with the leprechauns, as they are about his size.
From Irish