Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And we wonder why knitting has such a bad reputation...**

"Timeless and universally appealing, toilet roll covers never go out of style."

so says KnitPicks of the new "bestseller" Toilet Roll Covers. Think that's bad? go listen to the 'podcast review' of this book, wherein the reviewer thinks that a basket full of toilet rolls in the bathroom is somehow more tacky than a toilet roll cover in the form of a crocheted sheep or a fun fur man named 'Chilly Charlie'. Does the term "linen closet" mean anything to this woman?

I do hope this poor woman has been taken out of context, and that she's actually trying (though clearly failing) to be sarcastic. (eta: sadly, I don't think she has been... this is a podcast by the owner of KnitPicks...)

**In some circles, anyway

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Anonymous said...

Can you remember what I said about toilet roll covers a long time ago???? "When I start making them time to put me in the home".
From you know who