Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FO: Center Square for Claudia

Pattern: Center Square from, Winter '06

Debbie Bliss Chunky Tweed in Purple, and double-stranded pink DK felting wool from Both yarns are from Claudia's stash.

Needles: Alhtough the pattern calls for 8mm needles, I improvised by using a 6.5mm mini-circular (40cm) and adding one extra pattern repeat. On the crown of the hat, I had to improvise a little, first knitting on 2 circs and then switching to 5.5mm DPNs for the last 2 rows. I think I need to invest in more larger-diameter DPNs! :)

Comments: Claudia has been wanting me to knit this for her for a while now, ever since she tried it herself, and couldn't get the hang of the fair-isle part (all she needs is a little more practice, I think!). So of course now that I'm about to go home for a few months, it suddenly became imperative that I make this. So after Claudia gave me the yarn at Uni today, I whipped it up tonight... only took me about 4.5 hours - this is one of the quickest projects I've ever made! Must be that chunky yarn! The final size, with the extra pattern repeat, is 11" (28cm) across at the brim, and 8" (20cm) high.

Ravelled here.

K, now that this is posted, I'm off to bed... next time I plan to spend 5 hours knitting and posting a hat, I'll have to remember to start before 8pm at night! :)

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