Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm watching Knitting Daily on tv!

I only just realised that we get this show about 2 minutes before Knitting Daily actually started - how convenient! :) These are just a few random thoughts about the show...

Today's episode was 106: Exploring Cables. Honest opinion? This show reeks of low-budget, cable-access programming. But its not as bad as some I've seen. The actual knitting information is very basic, aimed mostly for beginner knitters. The hosts are pleasant enough, though clearly not very experienced - one of them kept talking overtop of the guest, so you couldn't hear what was being said (I hate that!). And all the knitting demonstrators have well manicured nails and are expensive looking rings for their close-ups. Think that's deliberate?

On a side note, its funny to hear all the strongly American accents after having been in the UK for so long - "that's such an 'inter-kit' cable pattern!" says one...

Eunny Jang hosted a section on how to do 45-degree angled and curved cables. (btw: did you know it was pronounced "Eu-nee", as in the french "eu" sound, and not "you-nee". Don't I feel stupid now!) Its odd that they put this bit in, since none of the other info on the show would indicate that the show is aimed at people who might be doing their own designing... for example, when they showed how to do cables, the demonstrator said you have to read the pattern so you know how many stitches need to be picked up/crossed to make the cables - there was no mention of the fact that changing the numbers changes the cable size. If we're supposed to read the pattern to find out how to make the cable bigger, couldn't you just read the pattern to make the angled cable too?

I wonder who sponsors this show... there were some very obviously placed yarns in the show, yet they didn't actually mention any by name. Does that mean the yarns payed less for their product placement? :)

Anyway, all told, its not a bad show. (I already have the PVR set to record next week's show!) But one wonders why Interweave didn't put a little more effort into it, to make it more fun and less cable-accessy. Maybe they're waiting to see if it will get picked up by mainstream tv first....

If you want to take a look for yourself, here's a clip from youtube. What do you think?

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