Friday, August 15, 2008

Send in the Freaks!

Carnivàle Lune Bleue is a 1930's style, evening carnival that's being held in Ottawa this year. We heard about it from Mike's brother Dave, who's Marketing Firm helped do the publicity... part of which was a 4-inch nail stuck through a brochure that contains a set of instructions for how to hammer the nail into your head! (instruction #10: Don't try this at home. Go to someone else's place first!)

The Carnivàle consists of Cirque Maroc, a big-top acrobatic show of the sort seen in a certain other Cirque with a French name, Carnival Diablo, and the Tropical Terrors Exotic Snake (and one scorpion!) show.

Carnival Diablo is hosted by this terrifying individual, Nikolai Diablo:
seen here getting a little help from the green fairy to start the night out right...

Levi, the tattooed Strong Man is one of the featured performers in the show.
here he is, about to bend a can of dog food over his finger

and here, he's about to become a human dart-board.

The other guest of the show is Istvan Betyar, a sword swallower, who swallows a three-sword sandwich! (sorry, no pics, didn't want to disturb him with the flash!)

On the midway, there is an authentic 1917 Ferris Wheel, a carousel, several skill games, and a Gypsy Fortune Teller.
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There's also a gourmet Carny Cookhouse, where you can have a glass of wine and a meal between shows. All told, Carnivàle Lune Bleue makes for a really fun night out!

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