Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching Up

As many of you know, Mike and I got married of the 4th of October (yay!). The wedding was amazing, and we thank all our family and friends for coming out to the celebration and making our day so special! For those of you who couldn't make it, I'll be posting lots of pics in the next week or so, once we get the official photos back from our photographer.

Aside from the whole wedding thing (because ours really was a pretty low-maintenance event), I've been getting into all kinds of no good over the last few weeks... First, there was my Shinzi Katoh/Bento craze.

It started with this innocent little bottle:
The caption reads "Three bunnies drive on route601 at midnight."

See, over the last year or so, there's been a big push in Canada to get rid of those lexan Nalgene water bottles which everyone and there dog seems to have 3 of... The argument had something to do with the chemicals they make the bottles with, and the fact that they can leech into the water inside, and cause a number of potential health problems. Anyway, thinking that I should maybe pay attention to this warning, at least on a daily basis (we have like, 6 nalgene bottles which are indispensible when camping), I went looking for the recommended replacement, an aluminium water bottle. Which is when I found this adorable thermal bottle at a local green products store.

The artist who makes these bottles is Shinzi Katoh, a Japanese Zakka designer - he takes everyday things like dishes and fabrics and bags, and makes them cute and fun, to brighten your day!

Around the same time as I purchased this bottle, I also started looking for some Japanese food recipes... In doing so, I came across the website Just Bento, and became (perhaps a little too) obsessed with the whole Bento lunch box phenomenon. Just check out these fun lunches that people have made!

So off to eBay I went, in search of fun bento boxes. First I found these two, also by Shinzi Katoh
The little apples in the front are mini soy sauce bottles - they're teeny, but they hold the perfect amount of sauce for a lunch! (fyi: the boxes are just over 4 inches wide).

Then, after a little more searching, I found this crazy little box:
Its Anpanman! This is a Japanese superhero from a kids cartoon show - his head is a bread roll, and when he gets injured the baker who originally made him just bakes him a new head! :) Admittedly, I haven't actually used these boxes yet, although I have been making Bento-style lunches for Mike every day for work... so hopefully it will be easily fit into my routine when I get back to Newcastle in a few weeks, fun boxes in tow! :)

Anyway, flash forward a few weeks and there was the wedding (more later, I promise), and then Mike and I ran off to Uncle Bob's cottage for a week.
The cottage, as seen from the lake - its on the left there, hidden in the trees... on the right is the beach that marks the edge of the property. Somewhere in the middle there, on the water, is the last bit of dock that's still standing for the winter. By January, the lake should be frozen solid, so its always best to take the dock out at the end of the season.

Here's the inside of the cottage... before we moved the furniture around to make up for the lack of central heating, that is!

Here's Mike's attempt at creating central heating...
The week was a blur of reading, knitting (at the same time, thank goodness, otherwise there wouldn't have been time for both), watching videos, and just enjoying the fabulous fall weather (19 degrees in the sun, just watch out for that chilly wind!).
This is a view of the fall colours taken while we were on a canoe trip to one of the adjoining lakes.

And here are a few shots of the lake, as seen from the cottage balcony:

(oops, this last one was taken while we were sitting on the dock, working on our suntans!)

Oh, and one day we took a walk and ended up in a nearby swamp - conveniently mostly dried-up, now that its fall.
And then suddenly it was sunset, on the night before we had to go home. Sigh.The plus side of leaving was that it was Turkey Day on the Sunday, so we were able to go to Cindy's (now officially my mother in law!) for Thanksgiving Dinner.

mmmm! Turkey!

And of course, the munchkins were there too, which always makes for a good time.
Ok, so that's it... you're caught up... I have to go knit now. :)


Katherine said...

Congratulations on getting married!

Katy said...

Congratulations on your marriage! Wishing you all the best and hoping to see more photos soon:)