Monday, May 04, 2009

how (not) to be lazy on May Day weekend

With Mike in town this weekend, I thought I'd take advantage of the weather and go wander around Newcastle a bit.  On Saturday we went to Tynemouth and walked along the coast from Tynemouth to Monkseaton.  I love the beach!  (so much so, that I apparently forgot to take any photos!)  :)

Yesterday, we headed out from my diggs in Melton Park to take a lazy wander through the woods behind the estate (only to find out later that some of it is private sanctuary land.  oops, sorry!).  One path through the woods took us to the racecourse.
Another path took us to Gosforth Lake, and one of the blinds set up there for viewing the wildlife.
The third path took us out of the woods, past some very disapproving members of the reserve.  From there, we wandered down Salter's towards the top of Jesmond Dene.
I hadn't been into the Dene before - its so pretty there!

In the end, we walked down as far as Pet's Corner, then stopped for a quick snack before heading back up into Jesmond, then up the Gosforth High Street for a quick pint, and then back home.
Somehow, our nice lazy wander turned into a 7.5 mile hike!  Good thing we had yorkshire puddings to look forward to at dinner, or we might never have made it home!  :)

PS: Here's a real photo of Mike in his sweater - see, it really does fit him, and not just because I photoshopped him into it! :)


Anonymous said...

Finally, a fabulous looking sweater. Mike looks like a rock star. ... I heard on the fashion channel today,... the casual sweater is back for the summer. (maybe too hot for Ottawa). Does Mike look a little like Nick Lachey. I know I know, you do not like boy band people.


that jumper looks soooooo good! I'm really, really impressed Glenda, I don't think I've ever managed to make an adult garment that looks as well fitting as this, nice one lass!