Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've been having a bit of a clear-out of some of my stuff, handing some things off to charity, and selling a few other bits and pieces on eBay. Its funny, as much as I know I'll never use this stuff again - much of it has been stored away in boxes for the last year or so anyway! - its still a little difficult to let go of some of it! The remedy, therefore, (so I'm telling myself) is to make sure it all goes to a good home!

Which brings me to today's post. Some of what I need want to get rid of find a new home for are my old knitting magazines. Not that the ones I have in the UK are particularly old - the really old ones are back in Canada (and will get sorted through later in the summer, so stay tuned!).

Here are the ones I'm ready to let go of now, with the prices next to them... (and links to the relevant pages so you can see the patterns in them). If you want one, email me at the address on the side bar, or post a comment below.

Sandra Knitting Magazine, May 2007
I can't find a link to this one online, and only this one pattern on Ravelry; this one is full of cute lacy knit and crochet jumpers - perfect for this time of year. I got this one free, so I'll pass it on for free too.

More should be up soon - I just have to convince myself that I won't actually knit anything from them, and that the magazines will be happier in someone else's house where they are more likely to get used!

ETA: Two more!

Knit It! Magazine, Spring 2007. (this used to be a Better Home and Gardens publication, but now I think Lion Brand owns it - either way I can't find a link to it, sorry!).

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