Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Yesterday at the grocery store I ran into someone I used to work with, right before I started my whole UK/PhD adventure... Wow, I was going to say that such an encounter makes me a true Ottawan, but it suddenly strikes me that it also means I've come full circle, and that this adventure is almost over now! :(
but let's not get ahead of ourselves here... the fat lady still hasn't started singing yet, and there's still a lot of work to be done...

Anyway... I got home safe and sound on Friday afternoon, and headed straight for the cottage on Saturday morning. Unlike most years, this wasn't a long weekend for us because Canada Day fell on Wednesday, so they didn't bother to shift the day off to either the Friday or the Monday. But Mike's cousins Marc and Leonor were up from Montreal with their two boys, so with them, and the usual weekend crowd, it was still a very busy weekend at the cottage! :)
3 generations of Hickesons

In May, the boys (aka: Uncle Bob, Mike, and Stuart) built a new screen porch on the side of the cottage. I think its proof that we're starting to outgrow the place just a little, since this added 'sleeping/eating/hanging out on cooler days and when the sun is too hot' room is a welcome addition. Here it is under construction, although its almost finished now, complete with doors and windows:

I love busy weekends at the cottage...
(We aunties are great at teaching the munchkins how to misbehave!)

And one final one, which I found kind of funny... a quick look at how we make curry in Canada! ;)

and now its pouring rain, so I guess I'd better get back to work... :)

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