Wednesday, September 02, 2009

new job, new flat, new country - New York!

Sorry for the long absence, but my life has undergone some pretty major changes in the last month or so, and its only now beginning to calm down again. But don't worry, all changes were for the better!

As you may have already heard, I finished my PhD over the summer - initial submission, viva (a.k.a. defense), corrections (typos only!), and all. The speed at which this was all accomplished still amazes me, and I can only thank my supervisor for being so supportive in helping me accomplish it so quickly - not to mention my examiners, who required only a few short weeks to read my dissertation before we held the viva!
My next adventure - the reason behind all this speed - has brought me to New York City! And even better, Mike gets to live here too - he's still working for the same company, but is able to be based here when he isn't travelling. It will be a nice change to actually live with my husband, now that we've been married almost a year!

I did mean to post more today, as well as some photos from the move, but the weather is so good that I think we're going to head out and enjoy the sunshine as we play tourist for the day!


DaviMack said...

Congratulations! Typos only? Awesome!

I've still got 2 years before submission. Sigh!

Enjoy New York!

Will you be teaching, or ... anything firm, yet?

Glenda said...

The job is already sorted - mostly research, with some teaching in the spring. But first I have to make up the lectures for that class! :)

DaviMack said...

Best of luck to you, then! Are you willing to admit which University you're with? I'm stuck at Glasgow Uni for the next 2 years ... and then, who knows?