Friday, October 09, 2009

You can take the girl out of Canada...

As I was getting dressed this morning, looking for something casual (because its Friday), but so not too casual (in my desperate attempt to actually start looking like faculty, rather than a grad student - 'dress for the job you want...', and all that), I actually found myself looking longingly at my alpaca/wool sweaters, wishing that it were cold enough outside to wear them.

Its Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, and I can help but feel a little unimpressed by the fact that its about 20 degrees outside today. Can't we have winter now please? Turkey should be eaten while wearing a sweater, not a t-shirt! :)

But at least the warm weather is more congenial for wandering around the city... On the weekend Alice was in from London, so we met up on Sunday for some yarn shopping and sightseeing...
the Flatiron building

Washington Square

Alice and I relaxing at my flat before dinner, resting up from all our walking

And because people have been wanting to know what the flat looks like, here's one of Mike vegging on the sofa. the furniture looks a little odd because we're missing some furniture - an armchair that will go near the lamp (its being reupholstered in Ottawa right now), and a little desk to go under the two paintings (yay for Ikea, now we just need to hire a car one weekend...).

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Anonymous said...

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