Friday, November 06, 2009

Recent FOs

Have you noticed that I refer to my nephews as the Munchkins? I purposely established this trend early, and have every intention of sticking with it, despite the fact that they are all destined to become much taller than me (not that that would be hard!). But even when they are 6 feet tall, they will still be Munchkins to me! (Now if only I could teach them to sing the lollipop song...)

Anyway, just before I went to Ottawa, Tara, mother of the Munchkins called to ask me for some mittens for Munchkin the Middlest (Felix), and Muchkin the Littlest (Emmett). So of course, I just couldn't refuse!

FO 1: Emmett's Green Stripey Mittens
The pattern is called Baby Mittens, by Kaitlyn Wong, knit in King Cole Superwash (olive) and Drops Karissma (black) that I had in my stash. Mods and further details are available on Ravelry.

Here's little Emmett, proudly modeling one of the gloves... I'm sure the other one is under there somehwere! :)

FO 2: Alpaca Mittens for Felix, kindly modeled by a very depressed looking Frobisher. (I think he needs to get out a little more).
These are a simplified, knit-only version of a Drops Cabled Mitten pattern. I made them with some Drops Alpaca that was left in my stash from several years ago. I left out the cable because I was concerned about running out of yarn, and to save on time. Turns out I only used 25g of the 43g that I started with, so I could've added the cables if I'd wanted to. Details on Ravelry.

FO 3: Handmaiden Rumple/Angel Scarf
This is a simple scarf pattern made from some lovely Handmaiden yarn. I made it for Tara as a birthday gift, because the colours just suit her (and her winter coats!) perfectly. Details here.

A few other things have been finished recently, but you don't get to see those till later. :)

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The mittens are very cute and so it the little guy.