Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

How did it get to be the 11th of January so quickly?!!

2010 has been pretty hectic for us already. On the 2nd, we went skiing with our friends Elizabeth and Brian, up at Windham mountain. The skiing was really good, but the high winds at the top of the hill made things a little icy - I'm a spoiled West Coast skier, so I still find those icy patches a little disturbing when I'm skiing! The day was pretty chilly, so I only managed this one photo...
You can just see Mike there with the orange-lensed goggles on his forehead. :)

A few days later, it was off to the other weather extreme - a quick trip to California, to attend a work-related conference. Conveniently enough, Mike was able to arrange a number of California-based work meetings as well, so we were able to meet up out there and enjoy a weekend in the sun.
We stayed with our friends in Laguna Woods, and spent two very lovely days wandering around Laguna Beach, and check out some local sights. You just can't beat walking barefoot in the sand in January! :)
And now I'm back in the city (Mike will be back on Wednesday), and back to work. But never fear - Rachel and Colin arrive on Wednesday, to keep us from becoming too dull! :)

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