Monday, September 27, 2010

Claudia's visit to Vancouver

Claudia came to visit last week, so of course we spent the whole time gallivanting around the city and enabling Claudia to single-handedly improve the local economy. :) But this time, we were determined to get in a little sight-seeing as well! :)

We started the week with a visit to Fort Langley, the HBC fur trading settlement that led to the creation of the colony of British Columbia.The fort has been rebuilt to resemble its original form, and there are lots of costumed people running around to give you demonstrations in things like blacksmithing, barrel making, and how to write with a nib pen that needs to be dipped in ink after every other word. :)

One of the buildings is made up to be the old trading room - its full of HBC point blankets, beaver hats, and animal skins of various kinds.
Frobisher was getting on well with one of the bears, until things suddenly turned ugly...
Good thing Wilma was there to help out! :)

Other highlights of the week were a trip to Granville Island,

a ride on the False Creek Ferries,

a visit to Michaels where Wilma made a new friend,

a trip to the Aquarium,
I call this guy the 'Darwin Fish' - gotta love a fish with legs! :)

Sightseeing in Stanley Park,
(that's the Lions Gate Bridge in the background. See all those clouds behind it? That's why I won't live on the North Shore anymore... the weather is much nicer when you move away from the mountains!) :)

and a morning picnic at Dundrave Beach in West Vancouver.
Claudia was well impressed with this German Friendship Globe - its a solid stone globe that weighs 2.5 tonnes, and floats on water. When left untouched, it sits on the same axis as the real globe! :)

Oh, and we musn't forget about all the yummy food! :)
Rice Crispie squares at Granville Island

Home-made Cinnamon Buns (Wilma tried to sneak away with half of them!)

Yummy desserts from Tomato Cafe

Chips from a chippy in Deep Cove
(here's what they looked like afterwards - how these two put away so much food is beyond me!)

Fish and Chips from Go Fish at Granville Island (some of the best fish and chips I've ever had!)

And finally, scones and blueberry tarts for breakfast on Claudia's final morning in town (bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the mug says!)

I took Claudia to the airport on Friday morning, and on Friday night Mike and I went back to the airport to fly off to Nashville for the weekend... Photos from that trip will be up soon. For now, I need to go finish recuperating from our busy week! :)

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