Monday, September 13, 2010

Labour Day Weekend

The first weekend in September is Labour Day weekend in Canada (and the US, of course). Its the official reminder that summer is over, and that soon everyone will be back to school, work, rainy weather, and no white shoes.

We took advantage of the long weekend by heading back to Ontario to spend the weekend at the cottage, and catch up with our Ontario (and some Quebec City!) based family. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great most days, so much of our time was spent indoors, playing cards and reading.
We did get one day out in the sun though, which conveniently fell on the day that Dave and Tara brought the Munchkins to the cottage! :)

Owen and Emmett played on the beach (Felix was napping).
I hid from the sun in the hammock.

And then we all took a walk up to Blueberry 'Mountain'!
The day was so fine that we decided to have our dinner on the patio.

Emmett - looking very grown up for a 1 year old!

Owen is 5 now, and Felix is 3. These two get up to all kinds of no good - but I think Felix is the real trouble-maker, despite that look of innocence! :P

Just as we sat down to eat, a thunderstorm started blowing in across the lake - fortunately, it stayed dry just long enough for us to finish eating, and then clean up and get inside. The heavy rain started just as the kids were being clicked into their car seats!

It was such a great visit, and I hope next year we can find a way to spend more than just one weekend at the cottage!

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Tara said...

We had SUCH a great time!!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas :) Come early so we can shop!