Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House (cleaning) party

Last Saturday, Frobisher (who is much happier now that he's dry again!) and I headed over Darcy and Henri's housecleaning party - kind of like when you have all your friends over to a new house for a painting party, except we did a whole lot more cleaning than painting (well, I did at least - only one wall and the giraffe needed painting).
Frobisher and Henri (and Totoro!) supervised, and made sure that the (mini) chocolate peanut-butter cupcakes were up to scratch.

Charlie Fluffypants took over the sleeping and resting up duties,

and the aforesaid Giraffe of a Different Colour just kind of hung out and enjoyed the sun... after taking on that different colour, of course!  :)

In other news, I want to send out a belated Happy Birthday! to my youngest nephew Max who turned 1 last Thursday.  Here he is with his Dad, practicing his look of innocence so he'll be able to use it on us later!  :)

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