Friday, August 19, 2011

A new addiction (or two)

Did I tell you that Mike got me a new sewing machine for my birthday a few months back?  Anyway, he did, and since then I've been making a collection of random items with it.
 Fist was a picnic blanket, seen here in progress, and below, in use by Felix.
That was a project I've been thinking about for a while - waterproof, gortex-like fabric on the bottom, and fun patterned fabric on top.  Perfect for the beach, damp grass, or anywhere else you might want to sit in a city that sometimes gets a lot of rain.  Plus, if it starts to rain, you can always put it over your head as a makeshift a poncho!

Next up were some little drawstring backpacks, which I made for the nephews' birthdays... but genius me forgot to take photos of them, so I'll have to wait for Tara to send me photos before I can show them to you.  :)

My most recent project was another one I've been thinking of for a while - and my friend Amelia's wedding shower seemed the perfect opportunity to make them up!
 These are little lingerie bags for when you go travelling - put all the clean ones in the "Wear Me" bag, and then move them to the "Wash Me" bag after you put them to use.  Aren't they fun?!!  :)
For the lining of the bags I used this pretty rose fabric that Tiffany gave me as part of a "you have a fun new sewing machine, now you need supplies!" gift.
For the fronts - which require close-ups, because they're just so cute - I found (and modified) vintage embroidery patterns, and then stitched them in by hand.This embroidery thing is really fun - I already have LOADS more ideas for what to make next!  I should be careful though -between this, sewing, and knitting, I may never have time to do anything else!

Just to show you that I'm still knitting, here's a pic of the other gift I made for Amelia:
Handknit, pure silk knickers - the perfect wedding shower gift! ;)

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Wow Glenda, that vintage inspired embroidery is really something! Beautiful work. Was it an online resource? I am amassing an impressive selection of vintage embroidery books but have seen nothing like these designs before....

And as for the knickers, ooh la la!

Hope you and Mike are doing well. I am in Newcastle next weekend and it shall not be the same without you there.