Friday, February 17, 2012

Prolonged Absences

Its funny how time can really fly by sometimes, without your even noticing it.  It took me a little off guard the other day when I realized that we're almost into the last week of February.  Seems like even the extra leap day won't be enough to get me caught up this year!

I've been busy with lots of little things which, when taken altogether, seem almost too overwhelming to deal with.  Unfortunately, that means I tend to shy away from considering everything at once, but all that compartmentalizing of my time and thoughts makes time disappear even faster.  I really must learn a more effective way of time (and attention!) management.

I've hardly been doing any knitting this year either.  Compared to last year's hugely productive knitting regimen (I finished 54 projects and 264 swatches), I'm almost feeling hints of knitting withdrawl these days.  Good thing  this Noro yarn found me last Sunday, and told me that it really needed to become my new scarf.
I did try hard to resist, reminding myself of all the other lovely yarn that's in my stash, but then Mr. Rowan Tweed walked by and broke down all my best defenses.
I am such a sucker for Tweed! 

5 days later, and am more than a third of the way through my scarf... how can you resist colours like that?!

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