Sunday, May 20, 2012

Leeky Soup

Today's wet weather - and the fresh leeks in the grocery store - called for some nice hot soup for dinner. 

Leeks are a very underrated vegetable in Canada... I used to buy them all the time when I lived in Newcastle, but here they tend to be a once in a while purchase.

What's that Welsh holiday where everyone wears a leek pinned to their lapel? I think its time we started doing that here!

ETA: the photo won't post using my Blogger App, so I had to add it after... oh, and if you want to make Leek & Potato soup too, I use Jaime Oliver's recipe from this book.  Its a brothy version (which is healthier than a creamy one, I think), but you can puree it if you want to to make it nice and thick.

ETA a little more: In the end we decided to puree the soup in the blender, and then I topped it with some crème fraîche in the fridge.  Crème fraîche is so yummy, and is yet another underrated item here in Canada - it costs a fortune here too, which makes no sense at all.

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