Thursday, September 08, 2005

empty closets

Look at the dancing chickens! Are they doing the two-step or the chicken dance?

Yesterday I finally got around to sorting through and thinning out my clothes. Six drawers, two shelves, and a closet later, I now have one huge pile of clothes to give away. Its funny how we tend to wear the same few favourite pieces of clothing over and over, and ignore all those other pieces that have been sitting in your closet for years on end. So maybe its a good thing that I pick up and move locations every couple of years - it keeps my closet at a managable size.

Sorting my clothes yesterday was particularly well timed, since I have several friends coming into town this weekend for my going away party - what better way to help them remember me than by sending them home with some of my clothes! Maybe I should get busy with my shoes, purses, and coats next, just so that my friends will have a complete à la glenda clothing line to choose from!

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