Friday, September 16, 2005

My Life in Boxes...

Before I started packing for my move to England, I had convinced myself that all of the stuff I needed to take with me would fit nicely into three bags: a suitcase, my travel backpack, and a big blue rubbermaid container that holds about 100 litres. Um... yeah.

About 3/4 of the way into my packing, I now have two largish boxes at 50lbs each, two book-boxes at 30lbs each, my travel pack, the suitcase, a small duffle bag, and a HUGE pile of junk that still remains homeless. And that's after throwing out two bags of old papers, and giving away about 2/3 of my wardrobe.

Now that I have all this stuff gathered together, I'm starting to get a little worried about the actual size of the room that I'll be living in for the next year... nothing like the vague-ness of those University website descriptions to leave you totally in the dark as to what your place will look like. Oh well... It mmay actually be fun to live in a maze of boxes - I just hope that my new flat-mate doesn't mind! :)

Hmm... now I just have to make sure that I leave out enough yarn and needles to get me through the 6 to 8 weeks that my yarn stash will take to arrive!

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