Monday, September 12, 2005

St. George and the Dragon Tea Cozy

Several years ago, I decided that my friend George needed a tea cozy to keep his tea warm while he stayed up half the night studying Latin verbs (he's not the only geek - I was studying those verbs too!). So I hit the web, and started searching high and low for the perfect tea cozy - it couldn't be girly, since it was for a guy, and it had to be original, since it was from me. But no matter how hard I searched, be it online or in the library, I couldn't find the perfect pattern... so instead, I designed this:
St. George's Dragon tea cozy - far too cute for slaying, if I do say so myself!
(ignore the white dot on his back - I scanned this photo from my scrapbook)

The handle on this guy is concealed, yes, but there is enough give in the fabric to use the cozy itself as a hot-pad when picking up the teapot. The head, which is a modified mitten puppet, lifts up to reveal the spout, allowing you to pour the tea without removing the cozy - for maximum heat preservation, of course. On the chance that you have one of those evil teapots that drips, this little dragon is 100% cotton, and fully machine washable. Hee hee!

Here's one of George with his new friend - helps give some idea of the scale:

That reminds me... I should really email George to see how this dragon is doing...

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J. said...

That is the cutest dragon i have seen in a long time. I found you through SP6, I to am in Ottawa and I was wondeing if you know of any knititng groups that meet in the city? I just moved back after 18 months away and my kniiting habit has become an addiction.... happy knitting and have a good week.