Monday, October 10, 2005

Canadian Thanksgiving (sort of)

Wow! What a cool Secret Pal I have... this is the fun package that was awaiting me when I got home last Thursday! fun yarn, candies, a bag to carry my knitting in, a pencil and fun kitty erasers, and tissues that arrived just in time for the cold that was waiting to attack me on the weekend (oh, the joys of dorm life - everyone is sick right now).

My Pal even included a few scarf patterns for the Noro, one of which I am very eager to dive into - there is just the small matter of some overdue reading to attend to first, before I can get my hands on that yarn (its a lacy pattern, too difficult for me to knit while doing that reading, otherwise I'd have started already!).

In other fun news, this weekend we celebrated Canadian thanksgiving. 10 people came over (4 canadians, 2 Americans, a Finn, a Dane, a Laoatian, and a Norweigan) and we feasted on turkey fillets, british Sage and Onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted peppers and tomatoes, and salad - see mom, I am eating my veggies. :) Here's a group photo, sans Tara:

The dinner was good, but definitely lacking a few aspects to make it just like home... like the knowledge that the following day you don't have to get up for class at the crack of dawn, for one thing! Nonetheless, we had a pretty good time, and we are already planning on celebrating American Thanksgiving at the end of November... for that one, Elizabeth and Stephanie are planning something called "green bean casserole". Is it any surprise that they both hail from the Southern States? :)

Before I go back to my books, here are a few more phots from my misadventures in Newcastle:

Stephanie and Tara at the beach:
A trip to Ikea (frobisher came too!):

The Grand Hotel I wish I lived in:Frobisher loves his Guinness!


Frobisher the Bear said...




Hi, I just found your blog through the academics knit webring. I see you are in Newcastle - so am I! There are three SnB groups in Newcastle (neither of which is 'bitchy'!) that I go to and we would love to welcome you anytime. One group meetings every tuesday evening, one meets once a month on saturdays and one meets randomly and if just for people connected with the University. If you want to know more then please email me or leave a comment on my blog. Love PPx
BTW I work at University of Newcastle in the School of Population and Health Studies