Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Heart Vodka

Since both Tara and I were expecting a crazy busy week this week, we decided last weekend that we would hit the town on the 30th to celebrate the completion of her first paper (due on Monday). So we gathered up as many of the troops as possible (some of them are in Dublin for the weekend, a few others were too busy studying) and had ourselves a night of too much vodka. This was inspired by the fact that we wanted to check out a bar called Revolution - a place we'd noticed soon after we got here - they place had giant "I love vodka" posters hanging in the windows - how could we miss it! Since we knew we'd be drinking vodka drinks at Revolution, we started our "save some money by drinking at home first" pre-party with a few vodka drinks of our own. Here's the night in pictures:

First the Pre-party:
Vieng and Lauren

Jan being his usual crazy self (and he only had one drink!)

Tara and Aarno

Inside Revolution (didn't want to use the flash and draw attention to myself)

look at those ceilings!

The girls (I guess I coulda cropped out that guy's arm, eh?)

Aarno, our escort (Jan decided not to come out with us)

Oh no! I've become a local! but don't you just love those boots? Only £15!

Revolution was fun but they closed at 1pm, so then we had to move on to another place - closer to home, but not nearly as fun. At the end of the night, Tara sampled the local equivalent of Vancouver's 93 cent pizza and Kingston's Poutine from Bubba's (you know the totally horrid post-club snack) - French fries with curry sauce! mmm mmm good!



going out without a coat!
eating chips n curry sauce!
you really are turning into a local lass!


Forgot to say, having a crafty lunch on Thursday next week from 12-1pm in the North Terrace pub. There will just be me and maybe one or two other uni people who I don't really know! We will be knitting and we'd love you to join us if you fancy it, email me if you need to know more. PPx