Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Getaway Part 2

Okay, so its not the tomorrow that I promised, but here are the Whitby photos nonetheless.
The Grand Turk, which is only in Whitby for a short time. You can take a tour of it if you want to.
We didn't want to.

This is a view of the downtown, from the south side of the river.

These are the... um... I guess they're called berms, or breakwaters, or something. They stick out from the shore on either side of the river, and all ships going in or out of Whitby have to go through them. I wouldn't want to sail through there though - it wasn't even stormy on Sunday, and the waves in the middle were huge. We watched a few ships sail out of the harbour, and I felt queasy just watching them!

Whitby Abbey, which sits on the headland on the south side of the city. If we'd had more time we would have gone in to look around it, and then maybe I would've been able to tell you a bit about its history. :)

This is a view from the graveyard next to St. Mary's Church, which is right next to the Abbey. The infamous 199 step staircase, which is supposed to take you up to this church, is closed for structural improvements right now. So instead, we got to walk up the donkey cart road. Here's what it looks like from the top down:

here's the first bit (looking backward toward the abbey)....

then it gets steeper...
then you almost have to slide down the hill cause its so steep! (good thing they put the stairs in on the side!)
This is that same section from the bottom, looking up... I wouldn't want to be the donkey that had to pull a cart up that road!

Our fun adventures ended with the requisite meal of fish and chips, and then it was off to York so that I could get a train home, and my parents could head south to take care of some business on Monday. And we return to our regular schedule of studying, reading, and going to class...

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