Monday, October 24, 2005

A Weekend Getaway

My parents came to England this weekend and whisked me away from Newcastle for a couple of days. We went Whitby, this cute little town on the North East Coast of England - about 3 hours drive from here, not counting our stop for breakfast on the way.

We went to Whitby to visit mom's friend Sue, who actually lives a few miles south of Whitby, in a little village called Fylingthorpe. This is Sue's house - its called Tanglewood.:
A fifteen minute walk from Sue's (after we had a cup of tea, of course) took us to Robin Hood's Bay, this very fun little town that's right on the seaside. Its mostly a tourist place these days, but at one time Pirates used to use the town to smuggle goods into the area. This is a view of the town from the beach:see that tunnel behind my mom (in the black coat) and Sue? That's a drainage pipe, into which the smugglers would take their goods. There are secret pathways and tunnels that lead from there, up the hill and into certain houses in the centre of town. How cool is that?!! Could you imagine growing up in that town? I wonder how many kids got lost in the tunnels, trying to find their way into the various houses, etc? The other cool thing about this town is that the beach below is riddled with fossils - a few hours hunting is said to turn up quite a stash. My father would've spent a the whole day hunting if we'd let him, but we didn't seem to think that a damp October day was the best time to be doing this.

Here's a couple of views of the town from above, to give you some indication of how narrow and steep the main street is:

On Sunday, we went into Whitby. but the photos of whitby don't seem to want to be loading right now, so I think I will have to post them tomorrow.

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