Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ode to Kraft Dinner

About a month ago my mother sent me a care package full off all sorts of fun things - a fleece jacket from Smart Set, some Lindor chocolate truffle pumpkins (mmm... chocolate!), some good-quality Quaker granola bars, and best of all, 4 boxes of Extra Creamy Kraft Dinner.

If you are reading this from England and/or have never tried KD, let me explain something to you... This stuff is
gold. and sadly, there is no British equivalent to it either. The experience is all about the right consistency of the noodles, and that fabulous radioactive orange colour of the cheese sauce. Favorite additions to this amazing repast include hot-dog weiners (the scary Brit ones that come in cans don't count!), frozen vegetables (for best results, cook these separate, and add them in after - boiling them alongside the noodles wrecks the noodles), and on occasion, a can of tuna fish (if you like that sort of thing). Certain people put ketchup with their KD, but this is just a waste of the precious commodity that is KD - buy the no-name stuff if you're going to eat it with ketchup!

Our shipment of KD arrived on a Tuesday. Tara and I cracked open the first box the following night, thereby making Wednesday the official "Kraft Dinner Night." But, alas, tonight we will eat the final box, making sure to bring as much pomp and circumstance to the evening as an event like this requires. I am also looking into the correct methods of sacrifing to the Kraft Dinner gods. In honour of this evening, here is a very canadian triubute to KD:

(courtesy of

oh, bare naked ladies, what would we do without you!

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