Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Surprises from Canada

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday! A fun, very unexpected, very much appreciated package of goodies from my Auntie Janet. Sent all the way from her really cool ranch in little tiny Knutsford, BC! Thank you thank you Auntie Janet, it was the perfect remedy to an otherwise very blah day!

I haven't yet looked at the magazine because I am keeping it as a reward for actually doing a little work today instead of just slacking all afternoon. Same goes for all the fun stickers and transfers - I think I now have the right motivation to finally get my scrapbooks up to date while I am in Ottawa over Xmas break (my scrapbooks were in one of the 'to-be-shipped' boxes that never quite made it to the shipping stage, due to sheer lack of space in my little tiny dorm room). But that yarn... hmmm.... what is the best way to make use of 3 meters each of 3 very fun pieces of yarn... I think I need to hit the yarn shops to search for a coordinating yarn that will bring them all together.... yay! a new project! :)

Ugh... but now I have to go return a book to the library cause I just realised that it was due back on a recall yesterday... forget tuition, universities could keep themselves running on library fines alone!

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ra said...

Crumbs, I never imagined that there was a Knutsford in British Columbia (that is what BC stands for, right?). It's a service station on the M6 here. Well okay, it's a town too, but most people only know the service station I bet.