Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal!

Look look! another fun package from my Secret Pal arrived on Friday:

Lots of fun gifties this time: Hello Kitty bubble gum, white fuzzy slippers, a sheep mug, plum-coloured wool to be made into the one-skein wonder, a little sheep ornament, and a skein of recycled sari silk yarn - I've been eyeing that stuff for a while now. how did you know Secret Pal? :)

Anyway, I really must run off now, despite this very short post... darn library forbids food and I am staaaaaarrrrrrrrrving! and freeeeezing, now that i think about it. apparently, only the stairwells need heating in this library - they're kept toasty hot, while the actual floors are always a good 5+ degrees below comfortable study temperatures. As I look around I see at least two people with toques on, and several more with big scarves wrapped around their necks! Can we say 'zone control' anyone?

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Yeah why are the stairwells always kept warm eh? it makes no sense at all....
Lovely SP gifts you have there my dear, the slippers will come in v handy, maybe you could wear them round the library!