Tuesday, November 29, 2005

American Thanksgiving, albeit a little late

On Sunday night we celebrated American Thanksgiving. Elizabeth was our host, although my flat was the venue due to lack of space in Elizabeth's kitchen. In addition to the required turkey and cranberry sauce, the menu also included lots of root vegetables, for reasons I have yet to determine... sweet potatoe casserole, mashed turnip, and mashed regular potatoes. All with lots of butter, of course!

Stephanie made the sweet potatoe casserole, and I had to laugh when she brought out marshmallows to put on top of the potatoes. The last time I saw that was when I was about 6 or 7 years old, and eating dinner at my (now late) Great Aunt Audrey's house. She used to make scalloped potatoes from scratch, and would top them with marshmallows... I think I only ate them because of the melted marshmallows! :)

The dinner was really fun, except just as we had finished putting all the food on our plates, the fire alarm in the building went off and we had to run outside into the rainy night. After a past experience wherein the fire alarm went off for half an hour before anyone showed up to turn it off - and only after I called the accomodation office and told them to send someone out! - I called security as soon as the alarm started. They showed up about 5 minutes later, followed by three fire trucks full of firemen! But it was all a false alarm and so we were able to go back to our food before it got too cold... I just feel bad that the firemen had to come out for nothing - had we thought about it, we could've given them some dinner, and not had to deal with all the leftovers!

Stephanie took some photos of the firemen with her camera phone - if she manages to get her picture messaging service working, maybe I will post some pics here.

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