Sunday, December 04, 2005


***this post was written at about 11:30 Friday night, but not posted until Sunday morning - still no working internet in my room, although the ethernet cable attached to my wall does look very fetching mounted in its little plastic trough***

So here it is, one “finished” fingerless glove from my Peaceful Palms KAL gloves. Except it still needs to be cast off, have its ends woven in, have a few more rows of thumb added, and then a final blocking session. Oh, and did I mention the frogging and re-knitting stage?!!

I started this glove as a modification of the opera gloves pattern from Sweaterscapes. I liked the shaped sleeve on the glove, since I figured it would tuck nicely into the sleeve of whatever sweater it was that I happened to be wearing on the cold wintry days that I’d be sporting these gloves, hunched over my desk, carefully typing out Greek passages and trying not to go blind in the process. Shorten the sleeve, remove the fingers, and don’t put a tip on the thumb. Easy, right? Um… yeah.

I think I’ve made a fundamental error by being lazy and trying to borrow a pattern rather than designing one from scratch (give me some credit here, the only other time I’ve created my own pattern was when I made George’s dragon tea cozy several years ago). When I first envisioned making these gloves, I wanted to make something that was reminiscent of the overly-long sleeves of one of my favorite shrugs – finely gauged, stocking stitched, slightly tapered sleeves with 3-4 inch cuffs of 2x2 rib. Since my hands get cold when I type for too long, I usually pull the sleeves down so that the cuffs reach all the way past the knuckle on my middle finger, almost covering my pinky finger completely. This works really well, except that it makes me into a two-finger typist, since my thumb can hit the spacebar while it is buried in the sleeve - thus my decision to recreate the sleeve in glove form, adding a thumb-hole in the process. But clearly, none of this has managed to make its way into this wanna-be glove that is sitting here mocking me.

This glove is definitely headed for the frog pond, although I think it will sit here for a few days before heading out the window. Now is hardly the time for frogging – its past midnight, I have almost no time to knit in the next week, and there is a (expletive removed) street vendor sitting outside my window powering his trailer-sized curry/burgers/french fry stand with a bloody lawnmower motor! And as if that isn't enough, the smell of his food is now dri into my room along with the cold air that my window doesn’t seem to be able to keep out. And the noise of all the people lining up to buy his food. Isn’t there some sort of noise by-law that this moron is breaking?!! Would the police laugh at me if I complained, do you think?!!

So much for the peace and quiet of the white noise of city traffic!

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Impressionist said...

I bet if you called up the city council and complained they would tell you to put in some earplugs and enjoy their slideshow! Ha ha!