Thursday, December 15, 2005

Frozen in Ottawa

I'm home! Yay!

So now that i have unlimited internet time, I need to catch up on some blogging... starting with this:
My final very cool secret pal package arrived on Tuesday, just in time for me to get it before I left! I LOVE the handknit holidays book - on Tuesday morning, I was looking at it on Amazon, trying to rationalize buying it - good thing I didn't! :) the mysterious package in the star paper included two very fun balls of fleece, as well as some green leather thread and some beads... oh, and a felting needle...

The fleece is to make these very cool decorations to put on my Xmas tree... which is totally cool and fitting because we actually do have one of those trees with mostly-handmade decorations. well, hand-baked, actually, since I usually bake sugar cookies and decorate them and then hang them on the tree. And since we're getting our tree this weekend, I'm going to have to get busy on the felting and baking!

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