Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back to normal in Newcastle

Not much time to blog today, and no pictures because I'm not posting from my own computer. My bag arrived at 10:30 on Saturday morning, so I was spared the trouble of trying to remember everything that was in there, in order to be able to claim for it from the airline... if they even let you do that now, since every piece of paper that I received from the baggage claims people included some statement about how that document does not assume any liability on their part... so what exactly does one do if their luggage dissappears and is never seen again?

It reminds me of that story out of Australia a few years back - some guy bought an old suitcase at a garage sale; when he opened it, it was full of original Beatles records and some clothes and things... turned out that the guy holding the garage sale used to work with the airlines, and this was the "lost luggage" of one of the Beatles, from when they made a visit to Australia. It was never really made clear how this guy got hold of it without knowing what was in it! Maybe that's why most famous people now fly only on private jets - no need to worry about lost or stolen luggage!

But now I am off to spend the day playing tourist out at the beach!

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