Wednesday, January 18, 2006

same old, same old...

Not much to blog these days as very little is going on here. Technically, by University standards, its exam time right now, which means we should all be studying hard and cramming last minute facts and figures into our brains. In the land of grad school, however, there are no exams - one of the benefits of a research degree, I suppose. The result, however, is this sense that I should really be using my time more effectively, even though i have very few specific ways in which to use it.

What's that? I have a thesis to research and write? Oh right, I forgot about that one for a minute. :)

I've been here barely a week, but already it feels like I've been here a month - what does that say about things? I wish it meant that everything was familiar and comfortable, so that it was almost like coming back to a second home. Alas, what it actually means is that I have come back to find everything just as it was before I left - not quite comfortable, not quite homey, and just a little bit more bleak than before (winter weather does that to a place - but at least its not -12 here!). The only difference now is that I have to start over again with my countdown of days left in Newcastle. But wait, there is a bright spot of sorts... I am now counting down the days till Mike and I go to Greece for a holiday! About time too, since I've been studying Ancient Greece for 8 years, and have yet to visit the place! :)

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day (no names mentioned so as not to incriminate!) and she says that this term she wants to travel more places, and drink more pints. What a great new-term resolution - I think I may have to do the same!

PS: more pictures tomorrow, probably... I keep forgetting to upload them from my camera!

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