Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fun things in my mailbox

Check this out! A fun learn to knit socks kit, complete with yarn, needles, and some very cool beaded stitch markers. The kit make a pair of socks and a little gift bag as well - such a fun idea. I have been wanting to learn to knit socks, and this is the perfect way to do it! So far, my only attempts at socks have been a couple of pairs chunky knit socks that resembled slippers more than proper socks - but the soles of them have since worn through, and although I was tempted to weave in a new section under the ball of the foot, the socks are now sitting in the bottom of my yarn box doing little more than taking up space. Oh, and then there was last christmas when I decided to make my own christmas cards by knitting up 22 little stockings... the pattern was from Last minute knitted gifts, I think. (I have photos back in Ottawa, but they're not digital, so I doubt you'll get to see them any time soon, sorry.)
Anyway, now I get to make socks with this fun-coloured self-patterning yarn. Yay!

Tonight I am laying low and listening to Douglas Adams read his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy while I knit a One Skein Wonder with the yarn that my last secret pal sent me. I'm loving the yarn - its from Coldharbour Mill, in Uffculme, Devon, and its 100% wool in aran weight... very soft and quick to knit with - even on the most basic of plastic circulars. Only 3 inches in, and I've already requested a free sample of their yarn colours so that I can order more for other projects. Hmm... now what should those projects be?

Anyway, while I'm thinking up new knitting projects, here are some more photos from Rome, as requested by my mom....

this is inside St. Peter's basillica, as seen from halfway up the dome... we then had to go out on to the roof, and into the side door that lead up inbetween the ceiling and the roof of the dome - that's where the 320 steps were waiting for us.

Temple of Castor and Pollux in the Roman Forum

One of the streets of Ostia Antica

A cat who lives on the Palatine Hill


Anonymous said...

You take great pictures - I especially love the one from inside St. Peters.

Have fun with your sock kit! I'm glad you like it!


Emily said...

Im going to be knitting my first proper pair of socks soon too, I decided to make it my challenge for Yarn Harlot's knitting olympics. You should join me!