Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's snowing.... again.

When I grow up* I will have a great big house with a great big real wood fireplace. This fireplace will be so big that I can fit inside (not hard, considering I'm only 5 feet tall) and it will always have a fire burning in it, except maybe in the summer. The fireplace will be in the library, and all the walls in the library will be covered from top to bottom with books... built in bookshelves so that they won't fall on my head when I'm trying to pull books from the top shelf. Right in front of the fireplace, pulled up close, will be two very big, very comfy armchairs that will be ideally suited for curling up inside of, and reading, or knitting, or falling asleep.** There will, of course, need to be a little table placed next to each of the chairs, for the holding of hot mugs of tea, coffee, espresso, etc., and my current knitting project while I'm drinking said beverage.

Anyway, the whole point of this ideal little setting is so that on days like today, when it is freezing cold, and snowing quite heavily (or raining, depending on where my great big house ends up being), I can sit by the fire and curl up in my chair and knit and read the day away. No need to brave the elements, no need to freeze until the radiators start working again, and no need to move except for the occasional trip to the kitchen for a reful on the hot drinks!

*for me, "when I grow up" means whenever I finally finish being a student and get a real-world job that has future prospects, and a salary that puts me above the "working poor" poverty line.

**I have been on the lookout for this perfect chair for ages... it needs to be big and comfy without being too deep or too squishy. and they can't cost $1000 each either, which seems to be the biggest challenge so far...

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